Where to publish?

In a recent Radiology Leadership Institute webinar, Matt Hawkins mentioned how much more traffic an article he wrote would see if published in diagnosticimaging.com or linkedin.com versus publishing in a peer-reviewed journal.

As a newcomer to the social media/blogging scene but (relatively) experienced scientific article writer, I have found the multitude of options for publication intriguing but confounding.


I am in the midst of writing an article connecting my experiences with photo archiving to the challenges seen in imaging informatics.

What is the most appropriate location in which to publish this? One of my collaborators has suggested submitting to RSNA 2015 with a hope for publication ultimately in Radiographics.

Academically, this sounds great. Radiographics is a relatively high-impact journal with an international reputation. However, such a process means the words will not see press for at least a year. Arguably, there are fewer Radiographics readers than there are content consumers on social media websites. And perhaps a newcomer to the scene would see more value in posting an interesting multi-disciplinary article to his website than he would a publication seen by just radiologists. </example>

This challenge arises frequently and I have not yet found a strategy for routing my ramblings. Should a person opt for a non-academic publication, the options are manifold: personal blog, editorial-hosting sites such as diagnosticimaging.com, and linkedin.com represent three solid choices.

For the moment, I suppose my strategy is to use editorials and tutorials to drive traffic towards the blog/Twitter feed. Those ideas (as above) which can be leveraged to journal articles should be submitted, perhaps with blog publication if rejected by peer-review. And for the moment I will just pretend diagnosticimaging.com and linkedin.com don’t exist… For better or (very possibly) worse.

Where to publish?

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